The Most Common Causes For a Failed MOT


Just as a typical check-up at the doctor’s makes sure we are fit for everyday life, a car’s annual MOT test ensures it is safe and sound and ready for the roads. You may think that passing an MOT is merely a formality, but over 27 percent of cars, vans and passenger vehicles failed their routine check-up last year, so keeping on top of the maintenance that your vehicle requires is a guaranteed way of making sure you are not left with a failed MOT on your hands..

With that being said, it is not always possible to carry out every single check on your car every week, but with these statistics of the most common causes for a failed MOT, provided by, you will know what to prioritise when giving your car some TLC at the weekend.



When darkness falls, the number of accidents on the roads rises, so being seen and being able to see is an absolute priority for any road user. For these reasons, the checks and tests for lights on cars are strict, which ultimately causes 18 percent of vehicles to fail an MOT due to problems with their lights.



A failed MOT can cause a few headaches, but in most cases, the problems are easily avoidable. Faulty tyres make up 7 percent of failed MOT tests either through their tread depth or overall condition, yet by keeping an eye on the condition of your wheels, you should be able to spot any signs of wear and tear and avoid a hefty replacement fee when your car goes into the garage.



Being able to stop and prevent collisions is a fundamental part of driving, so if your brakes are playing up, their may be quite a price to pay. 9.6 percent of failed MOT tests are a direct result of faulty brakes, and with such serious consequences surrounding dodgy brakes, mechanics can never been lenient, so it is important to test your brakes before every trip and get any problems fixed as soon as possible.


When 50 percent of failed MOT tests come as a result of issues which can be avoided through routine maintenance, the importance of caring for your car speaks for itself. If your vehicle is due its annual MOT, bring your car down to Monaco VW in Kensington to see our team of experienced mechanics. You can book your vehicle in by calling us on 020 7373 4414, or you can contact us through our online form and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.