Safe Driving Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving becomes such a natural part of our lives, whether you’re just doing a commute to work each day or you’re a driving enthusiast who takes their car through beautiful and scenic routes every weekend. However, just because we’re used to driving doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aware of how we act on the roads when the conditions turn less-than ideal. No matter how good a driver you are, driving in the rain can cause danger for both you and your car. Our safe driving tips for driving in the rain will help you get to where you’re going with your car intact and everyone safe.


Go Slow

You know the roads well, you’ve done this route before, and you’re a good driver! You don’t need to slow down just because of a little drizzle… Well, that’s not quite so. Your car simply can’t handle itself as well in the rain, so keep this in mind when you’re travelling at speed. A speed limit is designed for ‘ideal’ conditions, so when it’s raining you should ease up on the accelerator and increase your stopping distance by double; the ‘two second rule’ becomes the ‘four second rule’ because your breaks just can’t stop as quickly when the road is wet.


Avoid Sudden Movements

Tires are far more likely to skid in wet and rainy conditions. This increased risk of skidding means that sudden movements can be dangerous when driving in the rain. A good stopping distance, as mentioned above in our safe driving tips, should reduce the risk that you’ll have to do any sudden maneuvers.


Use Your Lights Right

When driving in the rain, it’s important to make sure that other cars can see you and you can see them, as visibility can be greatly decreased. You should use your dipped headlights – and you should check that these are working correctly before you set off on your journey! It’s not recommended to use your fog lights unless absolutely necessary as the rainy conditions can cause them to dazzle the cars behind you as well as blurring into your brake lights, making it unclear as to when you are braking.


Beware of Hydroplaning / Aquaplaning

Hydroplaning is very easy to do when it is or has been raining. Hydroplaning (or ‘aquaplaning’) is when your tyres are travelling on a layer of water rather than breaking through the water to grip the road. You can tell you’re hydroplaning because your steering will quite suddenly become light and you may find it stops being responsive entirely. If you are hydroplaning the safest thing to do is not to panic or brake, but to slowly ease off the accelerator and to keep your steering wheel set in the direction you want to travel. Once you have eased off, your tyres have a chance to grip the road once more and bring you safely back under control.


At Monaco VW, we understand cars and just what will and won’t impact them. We hope our safe driving tips for driving in the rain keep you and your car safe. If you’re having troubles with your car, whether from driving in heavy rain or for any other reason, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 7373 4414 or stop by and see us at Astwood Mews. We specialise in Volkswagen cars but are experts in other makes too, so are always available to help.