Warning Signs That You Might Need Car Maintenance


It’s that time of year when we’re used to freezing cold days and icy nights so the last thing on your mind, is going under the car bonnet to check that it is all in working order. However, if you neglect to check things like your tire treads or oil, you might find yourself stuck out in the cold on the side of a dark winding road waiting for rescue. Car maintenance is one of the most important aspects of being a car owner, and Monaco VW are here to help you spot the signs that your car might be in need of some TLC.


Warning Lights

We know this seems obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people ignore their car’s warning lights until something goes really wrong. Your car’s warning lights are there for a reason – don’t leave it until breaking point and instead be proactive to get it fixed! If any warning light appears on your dashboard, get your car into a local garage for maintenance.


Dingy Oil

Checking your oil may feel like more of a summer car maintenance job, but it’s important all year round. Your oil should appear bright orange in colour on the dipstick; if the oil is dark and dingy, you need an oil change. Checking your engine oil should be a habit that you repeat every few weeks to keep your car running well.


Your Car Pulls

A clear warning sign that it is time for car maintenance is when your car begins to pull in one direction or another. This can mean quite a few things, from misalignment to worn tires. To check if your car pulls, simply take it to a wide, empty road or car park that is completely flat. Accelerate slowly, straight forward, and let go of the steering will. If you car starts to go to the side, it’s in need of a visit to the garage.


Squeaking Brakes

As drivers, we put a lot of trust in our brakes. Don’t ignore any warning signs that they give you. If your brakes start to squeak, or feel spongy, you may have an issue that could escalate. Book it in for car maintenance as soon as possible.


Breaking down is never fun, but in winter it can be a truly terrible experience. Just a bit of routine car maintenance can save you from having to go through this experience. If you’re unsure about how your car is performing, or you’ve come across any of the warning signs above, don’t hesitate in speaking to one of our VW specialists in Kensington. We specialise in VW cars but are fully knowledgeable about all makes and models, meaning we can help you with your car this winter.